73. | April Showers

73. | April Showers

With April in full swing now, and since its Spring.  I decided to do a colorful spring time post involving Ladies Who Lunch, who is apart of this years AVENUE S/S Fashion Week.  In this new collection, LWL has created over 150 amazing spring pieces to make any girl wish to have spring year round.

Not to mention, HANDverk has recently released some very cute mesh parasols and umbrella for those days when Mother Natures to water the Earth.

I think this the most color I’ve posted in quiet a long time, so enjoy it for now. XD

hair // LELUTKA // Ella
eye shadow // BLACKLIQUID // Glitter Eyeshadow
lipstick // BLACKLIQUID
trench coat + dress // LADIES WHO LUNCH // Blossom Trench
parasol // HANDVERK // April Showers

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