65. | Follow the Yellow Brick Road

65. | Follow the Yellow Brick Road

For this cycles of The Arcade Gatcha Event, HANDverk created 14 unique pieces inspired by the original publication of the Wizard of Oz book, written by L. Frank Baum in the 1900’s.  In the original text, Dorothy never wore ruby slippers; she actually wore silver slippers.

There are some more noticeable pieces, like the Tin Man’s heart and the house being twirled around by the twister.

hair // MAGIKA // Stubborn
skin // GLAM AFFAIR // Roza
eye // IKON // Utopia Eyes
eye shadow // BLACKLIQUID // Glitter Shadow
lipstick // ILLUSORY // Paige
mini dress // THE SECRET STORE & NYU // Camille Dress
basket // HANDVERK // Dorothy’s Basket
heels // HANDVERK // Silver Slippers
props // HANDVERK // Oz Relic

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