[sYs] JUNGLE Fall Collection

Welcome to the JUNGLE

The year is 5043 and the world has gone dark. The dessert is vast, cold and empty, however rumors have arisen of a lush jungle amidst the icy sand. Even this jungle is at war and risks being taken over by the cyber beasts. The long and grueling battle for the this little peace of utopia has begun.

Come help us, the human race, regain ownership of the jungle, tame the beasts and again rule the world…do you have what it takes?

Join us for the debut of the sYs Fall 2012 Collection – JUNGLE

Saturday – November 10th, 2012
12pm slt – Private Show
2pm slt – Public Show

Taxi :: GOL

Special Thanks:
GOL – Dakota Neuman & Vixie Rayna :: Venue
Glam Affair & Tableau Vivant :: Skins
Fanatik :: Mesh Build

[sYs] team
[sYs] Founders & Designers: Systi Cisse – Syane Cisse
[sYs] Customers Service: Systi Cisse
[sYs] Contest: Arialee Miles
[sYs] Blog & Blogger Requests: redlilyMEDIA – Taylor Wassep
[sYs] Marketing, Advertising & Event: redlilyMEDIA – Jesika Contepomi
redlilyMEDIA ❀


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